14 Day Challenge

Get Your Health Back On Track

Tired of living with chronic pain? Take back control now! This 14 day challenge will help you get your health back on track so you can finally live life with more energy, happiness and freedom.


14 Days: Learn 5 critical keys to transform your health


The Clean Eating Meal Plan

Receive a complete 14 day meal plan to remove inflammatory food triggers and restore your gut and joint health


Restore Your Sleep

Learn how to sleep like a champion and heal your body

Key 3

Improve Your Resilience

Learn how to lessen the toll your stressful life has on your health

Key 4

Move Forward

Learn about forms of exercise that restore, not deplete your energy

Key 5

Tame the Strain

Learn about the importance of proper posture and ergonomics and changes you can make immediately to help

It's all done for you. 

This program includes:

  • A complete meal plan designed by certified nutritionists. Includes shopping list and menu
  • Access to high quality, professional grade supplements to support your health and lower inflammation in your joints
  • Access to Wellworld, a mobile app to track your progress, order your supplements and view your educational content
  • Daily and weekly motivational tips and reminders to keep you on track


"This 14-day challenge has changed my life. I’m down 5 lbs and my back ache has improved significantly"

- Martin M

"Thanks to this 14-day challenge, I’m now able to enjoy time with my grandkids and get off my pain meds"

- Bill B

"I knew something had to change. Dr.Lakhia's program was just what I needed"

- Susan S
14 Day Challenge

Get Your Health Back On Track

In less than a month you can reduce your pain, improve your energy and trim your waistline. Don't think, just act! Click the link below to get started.